“We share a passion about creating virtual environments that amaze users and inspire the imagination. Our mission is to create highly serious and entertaining games for education and training”

Social and economic impact

Our world is about bringing creativity and community together and helping each other learn, create and explore.

Maarten Kassanmoerawi, Head Marketing & Innovation

What if we can use technology to reach out to millions across the world. And with a simple internet connection and a computer they have access to the global economy through a virtual world. A world where they can be part of an economy and earn a living with easy-to-use tools in a safe environment where your privacy and wellbeing is key.

Desa is a MMO where people from across the world can connect, share and monetize content within and virtual ecosystem that evolves around you. This virtual reality project is about creating social and economic impact on the world.

I have been chasing that dream since 2006, after I witnessed the earthquake in Jogjakarta. Seeing the devastation and poverty that close has changed my outlook on life.

We are on the verge of building a virtual world where it’ll all be about the wellbeing of the users.

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Our mission is to give users a virtual experience by developing
easy-to-use tools that required no coding skills. Tools that encourage our residents to create their own world, organize events, give workshops, connect with people from all over the world on a new level and make a living. 

Build, create and monetize your content in a way no one has done before and be part of the Metaverse.

At Galaxy Technology we are building a platform focused on creativity and equal opportunities, where you can create, share, explore and even make a living. A place where you can hire community members to perform, develop, co-create, host and more.

We are on the verge of building a virtual world where it will all be about the well-being of you.