about Desa

What are we building?

We are developing an entirely new virtual world where musicians, artists, educators and creative individuals can create their own events such as concerts and exhibitions to reach a wider audience online which ultimately results to worldwide job opportunities.

Wouldn’t it be great to attend a live performance by a rather unknown musician on the other side of the world and that the musician can earn his living from his virtual performance? Or what about building your own art gallery with our “drag and drop” editor and showcasing your latest work to art lovers and potential clients?

Even if you want to teach (i.e. math or a new language) you can build your own classroom and invite participants to sign up and join the classes.

We are building a virtual world where you can create, share, explore and establish job opportunities. A world where you can hire community members to perform, develop, co-create, host, and more.

What distinguishes us from other platforms?

  • Focus: Our environment focuses on education accessibility and job creation. We believe that the two essential elements can help people on improving life’s quality and gaining skills to be used on entering global economic market.
  • Accessiblity: Our world is not only available from a desktop computer, but also from the VR headset so you will be fully immersed in the environment you create.
  • Connect:Unlike the majority of other world, we consciously choose full body humanlike avatars since we believe that it allows you to completely connect with yourself, your audience and the environment.
  • Easy-to-use Tools: Our tools in the virtual environment are user-friendly with a very low learning curve. You can create, organize and publish your own environment in no time.
  • No blockchain: In a new virtual era where Metaverse is quickly associated with crypto, bockchain and NFTs, we are not going in that direction. We believe that the hype that boost speculation and volatility of these virtual goods/ assets will hinder our goals and will not benefit the inhabitants of our virtual world.

What motivates us?

Our awareness on poverty and inequality inspires us to establish this ambitious project of creating a global social impact which helps people across the globe gain access on education and jobs.

We firmly believe that with this project we can create global social impact for people living in countries where conditions are not favorable due to economic crises.