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1. Visie

Desa is a virtual world where we offer a new VR experience in the field of community building, content monetizing and doing business in a virtual world.
This creates a vibrant virtual environment where new educational-, business-, and employment opportunities arise.

From renting out apartments, building cities, giving music performances, language lessons or displaying your artwork in your own built gallery, you name it…. this is all possible in Desa. Desa is accessible through your computer or VR headset.

We build Desa to empower our users within our ecosystem to get the most out of the Metaverse and help you meet your ambitions.
As more and more entrepreneurs, artists and content creators find their way into virtual worlds, the need for better tools, functionalities and environments also grows.

A new virtual environment that can be accessed via PC or VR Headset in which connecting, building and entrepreneurship are important activities in order to ultimately earn a living.
Unlike many virtual worlds, sexual content is strictly prohibited at Desa.

Sexual content leads to unwanted behavior and sexual harassment in both virtual and physical worlds. This will not benefit the users we serve.

2. NFT's and Crypto

We think NFT’s is an amazing use of blockchain technology and will be around for a long time.  But it’s too early for Desa to utilize.

The sentiment around NFTs in general seems to be pretty negative.

They are plagiarizing artists’ original work, building fake websites, increasing the price of the NFTs, and selling it to buyers at higher prices than its real value.

Many people outside of crypto view NFTs as vastly overpriced JPEGS of poorly designed animals/pixel art and largely view it as the newest scam, which to be fair to them, that’s what the vast majority of NFTs out there today are.

We believe in NFT technology but have consciously chosen not to include this in our strategy yet. We’ll keep an eye on it.

Absolutly! NFTs are digital assets that are stored in the blockchain. They’re unalterable and unforgeable, which means no unauthorized transfer is possible. Because of this fundamental characteristic, anything can be minted into NFTs as a record of ownership, including those Montreal Canadiens collectibles and digital art.

It is inevitable that in the near future NFTs will find a place in our ecosystem

3 Collaboration and Partnerships

The National Guard Association of Illinois is constantly evaluating innovative ways to connect with the Soldiers, Airmen and families of the Illinois National Guard. Over the past few years, communicating with our members was stifled due to the tight restrictions brought on by COVID-19.

This experience has afforded us opportunities to think out of the box on how we can continue to bring and share these benefits to our members.

We believe we have an amazing tool that is literally out of this world that allows our NGAI members to fully immerse into an exclusive VR Experience and determine all your benefits real time. Additionally, our members will be able to gain access to all the Professional Development Opportunities we offer in our VR Worlds. Our vision is that every NGAI member that accesses our VR Platform will be able to see their personalized membership data and gain access to other benefits that they deserve.
Wolf3D’s 3D avatar technology is built using a proprietary database of 20,000 realistic face scans, all captured with our own professional 3D scanners.

With ReadyPLayerMe you create a full-body 3D avatar with a selfie and use it in the metaverse. We integrated the avatar platform into our virtual world.
Interverse provides a no-code platform for. creating AI-powered virtual characters to populate the. Metaverse and immersive worlds. Developing conversational AI and building truly. intelligent virtual characters is complex.
Tilia enables Desa to create in-world economies and monetize user interaction. Built from the ground up to be robust, flexible, and secure, Tilia powers virtual economies of leading and cutting edge publishers with hundreds of millions of dollars in circulation.
Tilburg’s high rankings mean its degrees are respected worldwide, and its graduates can aim for great things. It is one of the top Economics universities in Europe, and is also known for its schools of Business and Social Sciences.

Together we are working on studies on social behaviors of “avatars” in virtual environments.
i3D.net B.V. is our server partner and provide Desa software solutions. The Company develops a one-stop shop for international game publishers which combines global infrastructure with our in-house developed game hosting software to manage customer capacity. i3D.net serves customers in worldwide.
Our future cooperation partners are parties that can provide us with value in the further development of Desa. They also strongly support the mission and vision that Desa propagate.
Strong partnerships in the tech industry are inevitable. Collaboration is an important way to achieve your goals. There are many benefits to be gained from a collaboration, such as expanding your network, knowledge and competencies.

6 Outside world

We are an organization of ambitious and talented people who work hard to fulfill the Desa promise. And that is empowering people to get the most out of our virtual world so that they can earn their living.
We spread the message of desa and create attention through various social media channels.

We work closely with volunteers worldwide who work for us as brand ambassadors.

We are in contact with organizations, schools and collaborating partners who support us in our mission.

Basically everyone! But from mainstream media, Renette Sastrowidjojo and Maarten Kasanmoerawi are the point of contact for this.

Tech magazines, mainstream media, Blogs, Posdcasts, education and peers.

Practice what you preach. Practice te mission and vision.

7 Proposition

Desa is an MMO with a purpose that goes beyond just sharing and creating content. With Desa we want to create social and economic impact and help people to a better life.

Our biggest advantage is that we build from scratch. This allows us to build more efficiently on the basis of experiences we have gained in virtual worlds since 2007.

Basically, we don’t have to tinker with existing software infrastructure. Many MMOs struggle with software that is not scalable.
At the heart of Desa is a well-thought-out ecosystem that focuses on the well-being of its users.