Project Desa

A virtual world with focus on creating social & economic impact.

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About Desa

Desa is not a game. It is a virtual world with its own distinctive character and culture. 

Desa uses gamification to make the platform more easily accessible and more fun. We will work closely with the Desa community and we allow them to use our toolboxes to create their own avatars, interiors, surroundings and anything that they want to use within the DesaVerse, all with technology provided by UE. These assets can also be traded to the expanding number of users. We will encourage and facilitate the builders and designers and create a win-win, not unlike many independent games do.

Desa is an ecosystem with an own culture which cherishes new connections, uses these connections to create value where there was none and a place where inappropriate behaviour is not tolerated. We invest and believe in global connections, both for making money and for cultural and societal exchange. Therefore Desa might feel like a game, but it is very serious in it’s intentions and ambitions. Were not in it to make a quick buck. We are in it for the long haul to fulfill the ambitions which we have set ourselves.

How Desa will benefit the Unreal Engine community

  • We share problems and troubleshooting through the UE forum.
  • We hare knowledge, codes etc. about UE-applications in Desa through the forum.
  • We recruit, hire and train UE programmers for the further development of Desa.
  • We create a community of 3d artist and programmers so they can share and improve their knowledge.
  • We promote the use of UE by training our interns. During their school periode they have only worked with Unity.
  • We have our own (Axiflex-)Academy where we offer traineeships which brings our employees to expert level.
  • We give UE presentations and training in close coöperation with local schools.

3D Artists community

  • We create a community of 3d artist and programmers so they can share and improve their knowledge.
  • 3D artists and unreal engine programmers can find employement through Desa.
  • We create a community of 3d artist and programmers so they can share and improve their knowledge.

UE Academy

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Why we build a virtual world using the Unreal Engine?

By using the nodes we have a low entry point for starting programmers. This also makes it easier to collaborate with game designers and artists that can easily tweak the nodes for finishing touches. For Technical artists the Unreal Material System is very nice to work with, a lot of possibilities and has a lot of similarities to Blender. The tools and platform support make UE the most advanced and open real-time 3D creation tools for the further development of our project. This allows Desa to realize its vision and mission.

Growth plan

In the run-up to the launch of the beta version in Q3 2023, our growth plan is aimed at raising awareness of the virtual world Desa through 4 channels.

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Live Presentations and networking
  3. Publications by mainstream media 
  4. Ambassador program

Our activities on social media mainly consist of:

  • Weekly live FAQ session
  • Daily content sharing
  • Actively following and connecting with virtual worlds users
  • Set up paid ads


  • Guest speaker at universities and network meetings.


  • Articles and publications in well-known magazines, newspapers, radio stations and podcasts. 
  • Newsletter NGAI with a reach of 25.000 members (National Guard Associations of Illinois)


PHOTO-2022-04-19-14-04-42 2

April 19th 2022, Presentation Desa and the Metaverse University Rotterdam


Since 2021 we have been developing Desa and building a team of dedicated programmers, 3D artists and game developers. This is what we want to achieve in the next 2 years.

2022 Year of the start-up

  • 2022 PHASE 1

    - Room editor ground work
    - Meet and greet area 
    - First apartment functional
    - Multiplayer groundwork
    - Oculus Headset Use
    - Valve Index Use

  • 2022 PHASE 2

    - Webbrowser Demo Editor
    - Multiplayer fully functional
    - Room editor fully functional
    - VOIP

  • 2022 PHASE 3

    - Avatar Integration
    - Account creation
    - Multiple locations ready

  • 2022 PHASE 4

    - Closed Alpha Test
    - Optimizing Alpha

2023 Year of beta development

  • 2023 PHASE 1

    - Integration Payment System
    - Create Marketplace

  • 2023 PHASE 2

    - Pledge Rewards Final

  • 2023 PHASE 3

    - Launch Beta V1
    - Start Building Marketplace (Web)
    - Setup Dedication Moderation Team

  • 2023 PHASE 4

    - Launch Beta V2
    - Launch Marketplace (Web)

2024 Year of beta development

  • 2024 PHASE 1

    - Unlock Care Sale to user
    - Launch Beta phase 3 (Open Beta)

  • 2024 PHASE 2

    - Beta Ends, Product Live
    - Ability to withdraw money
    - Remove User Limit
    - Initiate BTO projects
    - Continuous Content Production
    - Start Expansion Concepts

  • 2024 PHASE 3

    - Launch Beta V1
    - Start Building Marketplace (Web)
    - Setup Dedication Moderation Team

  • 2024 PHASE 4

    - Start Seasonal Event

Since 2021 we've self-funded the project and have reached an Early Alpha stage.


From our humble beginnings with a small team, we formed the spark of an idea into the grand design that is now Desa. We spend month after month refining concepts and building prototypes. Constantly probing existing virtual worlds, and analyzing upcoming creations. In this process the most important effort we made was conversing with the people that make up these online communities. It is through these communities that we learned what the Desa should become, and it is for these communities that Desa will become.

We like to use the entire Epic Grant  because this project requires an infrastructure of developers, programmers and 3D artists to realize the Beta Version.


Distribution of funding

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What do we offer?

Desa is a virtual world where we offer a new VR experience in the field of community building, content monetizing and doing business in a virtual world within Desa’s Ecosystem.
This creates a vibrant virtual environment where new educational-, business-, and employment opportunities arise.
From renting out apartments, building cities, giving music performances, language lessons or displaying your artwork in your own built gallery, you name it…. this is all possible in Desa.

Desa is accessible through your computer or VR headset.

Our Ecosystem



  • Your entire interior at your fingertips with easy-to-use tool
  • Stun your friends with your newly decorated apartment
  • Wear your VR headset to experience your creations
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  • Receive endorsement from your newly made fans
  • Transform your musical passion into a steady income
  • Respond to a live audience

To give people an experience of Desa, we have built a sneak preview based on a web-based demo in which they can already get acquainted with our editor and virtual environment.


Strong partners who share the same core value, ambitions and vision in the further development of Desa.

Collaboration with universities

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences regularly asks us to give presentations about the Metaverse and virtual worlds. In addition, they will participate in our virtual world Desa as Beta Users.

Anne-Françoise Rutkowski is Professor in Management of Information at Tilburg University (The Netherlands). She is versed in cognitive psychology and research methods.
Her research interests and publications bridged IS and human sciences in addressing topics such as decision making, emotion, processes of attention, overload/underload, socially responsible use of IT, as well as project management.
Applications of her work are found mostly in the field of education, healthcare and banking.
The Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam is a university in Rotterdam in the field of media, gaming, entertainment and technology.

We work together in the field of guest teaching, coaching, UE and Blender training, internships and job guarantee.

Collaboration National Guard Associations of Illinois

We are proud to announce the collaboration between Galaxy Technology and the National Guard Association of Illinois (NGAI). The National Guard Association of Illinois is constantly evaluating innovative ways to connect with the Soldiers, Airmen and families of the Illinois National Guard. Over the past few years, communicating with our members was stifled due to the tight restrictions brought on by COVID-19. This experience has afforded us opportunities to think out of the box on how we can continue to bring and share these benefits to our members. We believe we have an amazing tool that is literally out of this world that allows our NGAI members to fully immerse into an exclusive VR Experience and determine all your benefits real time. Additionally, our members will be able to gain access to all the Professional Development Opportunities we offer in our VR Worlds. Our vision is that every NGAI member that accesses our VR Platform will be able to see their personalized membership data and gain access to other benefits that they deserve. Calvin Young Executive Director National Guard Association of Illinois

Meet the team

We are passionate about creating virtual environments that amaze users and inspire the imagination.

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