Social media

The Do's and Don'ts

Social Media can make or break your business’s reputation.
That’s why it’s important to set rules before we get started with content creation.


  • Complete and update your social pages and profiles (header, profile picture and bio);
  • Separate business and personal;
  • Think and discuss before you post;
  • Prioritize your network;
  • Interact and connect with your audience.;
  • Handle criticism gracefully;
  • Match your content to the platform;
  • Watch your grammar and spelling.


  • Post sales figures that haven’t been published externally;
  • Post unreleased product information;
  • Post technical information about how products are made;
  • Post client information;
  • Proprietary information such as quarterly reviews, annual general meeting etc;
  • Post low quality graphics or videos about the project and Galaxy City;
  • Post videos without the official intro and outro template;
  • Like your own post;
  • Post or tag photos of fans, customers, or employees without permission;
  • Tag people or pages that aren’t relevant to your post;
  • Ask for Likes, Comments or Shares.


Communication is key therefore we strive to create as much transparency as possible. Connect and follow us on the following channels: