earthquake Experience 2006

Maarten Kassanmoerawi

published on Thursday 27 May 2022

Ready, set, go! 💥 Last monday we welcomed the new students from Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam (GLR) at our office. With their enthusiasm, motivation and courage, they have taken their next big step in contributing to the development of our new virtual world, Desa. At Galaxy Technology, we are moving at a fast pace. That is why we find it important that students get the opportunity to share their creativity and ideas within the team to continuously make an impact. Therefore they will fully operate within the organization. Exciting! In four weeks the students will be prepared through an intensive boot camp where they will get the guidance and training they need to understand programs such as Blender and Unreal Engine. Yes, understanding the technical side of the job is important, but we also attach great value to your personal development. Thus, personal coaching is key. This way we will stimulate the students to continuously develop their talents and personal skills. So whether you are a 3D designer or a programmer, we will help you in becoming the changemaker of the future. It was a successful introduction day, to say the least. Good luck to our new ‘’changemakers’’! 💪🏽