Metaverse Hogeschool Rotterdam

Maarten Kassanmoerawi

published on Thursday 21 April 2022

It was an honor to speak in front of the entrepreneurship and retail management students about the future of the Metaverse from an entrepreneurial perspective. Thank you Joeri van den Hoek and Hogeschool Rotterdam for this opportunity

The Metaverse is the future. The Metaverse won’t suddenly be there someday either. The actual completion of the Metaverse may probably take another ten years. But the technical and cultural foundations are currently being laid. So there are still plenty of opportunities to become the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs in this new era.

Concluding message:
We are at the beginning of a new industrial revolution. Embrace emerging technologies be practical and start exploring. Talk and connect with people of the industry. Become future proof.

#metaverse #virtualworld