Partnership National Guard Association of Illinois (NGAI)

Maarten Kassanmoerawi

published on Thursday 26 April 2022

We are proud to announce the partnership between Galaxy Technology and the National Guard Association of Illinois (NGAI). The NGAI is one of the largest military lobbying organizations that works to support the Illinois National Guard through legislative action, advocacy, providing life insurance to soldiers, lobbying for all the Illinois Guard’s needs and more. As a clear endorsement of the partnership, the NGAI will be the first organization utilizing our virtual world Desa World in a closed beta version coming out in Q4 of this year.

Galaxy Technology will build their virtual campus by means of a BTO (Build To Order) assignment for social connections and collaboration to a world of virtual work.

“The partnership with NGAI in supporting the delivery of their program, is a unique proposition for laying the foundation for future development of Desa.”

The National Guard Association of Illinois is constantly evaluating innovative ways to connect with the Soldiers, Airmen and families of the Illinois National Guard. Over the past few years, communicating with our members was stifled due to the tight restrictions brought on by
COVID-19. This experience has afforded us opportunities to think out of the box on how we can continue to bring and share these benefits to our members. We believe we have an amazing tool that is literally out of this world that allows our NGAI members to fully immerse into an exclusive VR Experience and determine all your benefits real time. Additionally, our members will be able to gain access to all the Professional Development Opportunities we offer in our VR Worlds. Our vision is that every NGAI member that accesses our VR Platform will be able to see their personalized membership data and gain access to other benefits that they deserve.

Calvin Young
Executive Director
National Guard Association of Illinois